Sean Gallagher

Let’s make beautiful work.

I believe in making useful and meaningful work, guided by empathy and purpose.

I love fostering relationships and inspiring others through collaboration.

I truly enjoy the surprise from fellow creatives  when they present more than I would have imagined possible.

I also have a real soft spot for Skateboarding, custard buns, and Japanese toy design circa 1975.

I started in earnest in 1997 as an Art Director for Lamar, going on to develop technical precision in an array of hands on design and production positions. Rising to the top as head Creative Director at CRI. After a few very succesful years, I worked on OBJECT  and developed cultural and creative crafts to bring back to projects, clients, and to enrich my own life. Currently I have landed at A+E Networks as a Sr. Art Director. Steering their new identity while elevating their motion, 360 campaign process, cultural outreach, and user experience.

You can follow me on instagram but it is mostly my illustration.

My CV is here


Press + Recognition

Mighty Healthy All Valid

DNA Info  All Valid

Behance Character Design Served X2

Behance Toy Design Served X2

The Hundreds  New Years Revolution

Bowery Boogie Action Figures Objectified

Travel Channel Toy Hunter Se.3, ep.7

Mass Appeal  LGBT Toy Design

Clutter Magazine Issue 22 Mini nikku

Man-E-Toys Mini nikku

Street Art NYC Centrefuge mural

Dusty Rebel Centrefuge mural

My Days Are Thematic Centrefuge mural

Centrefuge cycle 15 Centrefuge mural)

Collection DX Tamentai Robo blk

AVC  Fred Wilson AFSE

Joel Spolsky  AFSE tweet heard round the world